Python Mesh Operator

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The Python Mesh Operator, PyMop, allows you to edit the code of a mesh operator live from within MODO!

2.0 (What's new?):

- The entire plugin has been re-written from the ground up!

- Presets now load in the required channels rather than the user manually creating them.

- Custom channels now show on the properties window rather than just the user-channels tab.

- PyMop is now ready for the big switch to Python3 during the Modo15 series.

- Souce users now have even more documentation. 

- Source users source code now follows PEP8 standard python rules

- PyMop Editor can now use spaces instead of tabs. (Huge Request by users)

- PyMop Editor now contains a Notes section for storing notes.

- PyMop Editor now maintains settings (Show Whitespace | Spaces/Tabs | Line-wrap)

- PyMop Code is now visible in the properties tab for quick edits without opening the editor.

- Many extra utilities added for faster code writing.

For those that do not code and just want some powerful operators: 

You get access to many preset. PyMop 2.0 now makes it even easier for you to load in presets by automatically adding required channels to the active MeshOp. You can also receive or purchase examples from other users by exporting/importing packages! 

MODO Forum Discussion:

How To Install:

Drag and Drop the .lpk file into MODO, restart.

For those who have a separate install environment or just wish to install manually, the .lpk can be unzipped if renamed to .zip and then placed into your kit directory. You will need to do the same for presets that are downloaded separately. 

You will receive a product key, This is only for Support and is not used within the plugin. 

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Python Mesh Operator

16 ratings
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